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Turn to us for snore guards, teeth whitening and more in Wichita Falls, TX

In addition to routine cleanings and preventative treatments, Cornerstone Dental in Wichita Falls, TX also offers teeth whitening, essential oil mouth rinses and more! No matter what your specific concerns are, we can effectively address them to keep your smile bright and healthy.

Need a snore guard? We've got you covered. Call today to consult with us about your needs.

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Want to learn more about our services? We offer:

  • Xylomist and Xerostomia Spray for dry mouth - Dry mouth is not only frustrating and uncomfortable, but it robs your teeth of the protection that saliva usually offers them. People who suffer from dry mouth are at a much greater risk for cavities. Let us know if this is a problem for you and if you are interested in trying one of our mouth sprays.
  • Essential Smiles - We recommend this mouthwash to freshen breath and keep your gums healthy using all-natural essential oils.
  • Snore guards - These devices maintain your lower jaw in a forward position to prevent snoring.
  • Night guards - If you clench or grind your teeth at night, see your teeth getting shorter or wake up with headaches and aching jaws, ask us about how our night guards can help you.
  • Teeth whitening - We make custom trays and provide bleach for you to take home and use year after year.

If you have any further questions, feel free to contact us today.