How Often Do You Go in for Teeth Cleaning?

Visit our office in Wichita Falls, TX regularly to promote oral health

Getting a cavity filled is no fun. If you want to avoid cavities, gingivitis and other oral health issues, come to Cornerstone Dental in Wichita Falls, TX every six months for a teeth cleaning appointment. Regular cleanings at our family dentistry practice can help ensure that your teeth stay strong and unaffected by cavities and disease.

Even if you brush and floss every night, it's important to supplement your routine with professional cleanings. Call today to schedule your next appointment.

Enjoy the benefits of a professional cleaning

Our family dentistry practice wants you to have the best smile around. That's why we recommend getting professional cleanings every six months. A cleaning from the dentist is much more thorough than your average brushing and flossing session. Teeth cleaning from your local dentist in Wichita Falls, TX will leave your teeth:

  • Polished: Gritty toothpaste removes anything that may be taking away from your beautiful smile.
  • Plaque-free: Your dentist will manually scrape off plaque, reducing the chance of cavities forming.
  • Flossed: If you've been missing a spot, your dentist is sure to catch it for you.

A professional cleaning appointment is also the perfect time to address any concerns you have about your teeth. Ask us anything during your next visit.